Agency services

A trusted and local team of class leading designers and developers

Why choose us?
Planners, designers and developers all on hand when you need them.
From winning to analysing projects, we have the skills you need.
We provide the research and insight to prove the validity of projects and grow existing accounts.
We will not publicise the work we do with you.
Always available for online and offline conversations and reporting.
We have extensive experience working with agencies and can provide references.
We understand that projects need to be delivered on time and can work with extremely tight turnaround times.
Extensive QA processes that involves you to ensure quality. We also provide warranties.
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We understand agency challenges and how to help bring your vision to life on budget and on time.
Working with agencies on campaigns is what we do
Working with other agencies to design and build exceptional websites and apps is how we started Artificial Labs.

Being a team of designers and developers focused on delivery, has helped us position ourselves as the go to partner for a number of leading agencies in London and worldwide.
David King
Artificial Labs
We have worked with a number of design, PR and advertising agencies, on projects and campaigns across a variety of industries. We consistently deliver exceptional campaign apps and sites as well as platforms. This provides us extensive insight into how agencies operate and the challenges they face.
We consistently deliver exceptional campaign apps, sites and platforms
Knowing you need a team you can trust, we provide regular and clear updates and a detailed delivery plan. This is developed with an understanding of any branding, regulatory and content restrictions.

Our teams are flexible, tailoring how they work to fit with your requirements. We regularly work alongside in house designers and developers.
Are you expensive?
No, we can work on both a modest daily rate or on a fixed price basis with no hidden costs. We have used both approaches to work successfully with agencies, ensuring delivery within specified budgets and time frames.
Are you really all based in London?
Yes, we are all based between Bank and Monument underground stations. We believe that being on hand is fundamental to providing the best customer service, and this is where the world class designers and developers want to work.
Do you make native apps and submit these to the app store?
In short yes. We can develop both native iOS and Android apps and submit these to the relevant app stores. Additionally, where required, we have worked with technologies that allow for more rapid cross platform development.
Do you work with html emails and email marketing technologies?
Yes, we can integrate email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Mandrill, Amazon SES and more. We also design and develop responsive emails where necessary.
Are all your sites responsive?
Where possible, all of our sites are responsive. This is because modern users have a variety of devices and needs that they use on a daily basis. However, we understand that some clients have existing structures in place that require content to be built to given parameters, which we can also accomodate.
What browsers do you support as standard?
We support all modern browsers as standard, and IE10+. We are happy to support IE8+ as we understand this is regularly a requirement, however the extra time taken to develop for unsupported legacy browsers must be taken into account.
Do you provide SEO services?
We will provide you with best practice advice and all of our sites are written in clean, standards compliant code. Our sites play very well with search engines, as all good sites should.