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Interview with Artificial CEO Damian Arnold

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Q: How do you see recent events impacting the insurance industry?

A: Uncertainty in the insurance industry and across the world is a really difficult thing for us all to deal with.

But it's really forcing the insurance sector to think about the way they operate; we have a very people-based industry and it's really having to move online and innovate very quickly right now to make sure that it can continue offering a great service to its customers.

Q: Is it business as usual for Artificial?

A: We're in the fortunate position that from the very outset we set Artificial up to be able to operate fully remote.

One of the reasons for that was to make sure we could get the very best people from around the world to work on some of the complex problems that the insurance industry faces. So we've been very much remote-friendly from the very beginnings.

Q: What message do you have for insurance companies?

A: It's undoubtedly a really tricky time that we're facing right now, but it's a great opportunity for both insurance companies to support their clients and in turn for Artificial to support those insurance companies with the plans and solutions that they're putting in place.

What I would do is encourage those firms who are really thinking about how best to innovate and digitise their operations to get in touch with us and we're able and here and willing to offer some support, even if it's just to discuss some of the ideas and thoughts they've got happening right now.

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by Anna Burge

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