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Spotlight: Technical Support Analyst Katalin Konczol

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Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Katalin, Kat for short, and I am a Technical Support Analyst at Artificial. If our customers have any issues or questions, they can reach out to me and I make sure that they get the help or answers they need. I also take part in testing our products.

I'm quite curious and like logical puzzles, which probably helps me with my job. In my free time, I like doing creative projects, so I have a big supply of craft materials hidden in the boxes and cupboards at home.

How did you get started at Artificial?

I received a call about the job opening. I really liked the fact that Artificial, being a start-up, had roles that are very flexible and versatile. I was also the first support person at the company which gave me the opportunity to take part in shaping how we do support, which sounded like a dream.

What do you most enjoy about your work?

I like that there is always something going on here, so besides supporting our customers, I can get involved and try my hand at other things too. People at the company work together quite dynamically. If you are interested in anything, you can approach them and ask questions or get involved in some of the work.

As we are a cloud-based company, it also gives a great amount of flexibility. I could easily do my job from anywhere, as long as I have internet.

How have you been keeping yourself busy over the past year?

Artificial had a lot going on during 2020, so work definitely helped me keep busy.

Other than that, I practiced the usual lockdown hobbies: I had my sourdough phase, I started practicing yoga more regularly, I have a long list of all the things I would like to do once it's possible again and I also tried improving my cooking and video game skills.

I also picked up drawing again, which I didn't have much time for in the last few years, and started a few online drawing courses.

Do you have any advice for people starting in similar industries?

Never be ashamed to accept you do not know something; just ask about it. It gives you a chance to learn and get better.

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