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Market leading tools without any up front investment

Technology is radically improving the efficiency and profitability of insurance companies. We provide the building blocks that make this possible.

Policy and claims management

Flexible, efficient and future proofed core platforms

The digital insurer of the future will need powerful, cloud-based tools that provide a flexible and scalable platform, allowing them to leverage data in real time.

Our policy and claims management tools feature intuitive, elegant dashboards that provide a full picture of performance at any point in time. High quality data is made easy and accessible, from desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

The power of machine learning can be harnessed to automatically process claims, providing teams time to focus on the cases that matter.

Machine Learning

The future of pricing, claims and predictive analytics

Machine learning will radically change the world especially in a data intensive industry like insurance.

Our objective is to help our clients make more educated decisions by embracing the power of their data.

We focus on three key areas:

Pricing - the accurate pricing of risk

Claims - automating claims and identifying fraud

Analytics - understanding business performance and real time reporting


The foundation for scaleable, market leading software

ArtificialOS is an API-based product which caters for companies across multiple layers of the insurance value chain. It is comprised of a number of component microservices, together forming the underlying digital platform required to operate an insurance company.

Each of the microservices revolves around a particular business function (e.g. processing payments, notifications, policy handling), and each component is designed to be as independent and agnostic as possible; these components can then be packaged together in different ways to form a unified API, tailored towards the requirements of the end client.

The result of this approach, is that insurers can choose from a range of features that they need, then deploy this custom feature set to production rapidly, without the need for lengthy and expensive development.


Beautifully designed ways to interact with your customers

Your customers’ user experience is enhanced by our digital distribution tools that can be built on top of existing platforms, or utilise our core platforms to make deployment seamless. We provide or integrate with the following services:

  • rating engine
  • documentation creation
  • email deployment
  • binder or policy management
  • payment handling

All of our distribution tools are compatible with our machine learning pricing and automated claims engines, improving operational efficiencies.