Paperless broker platform, used by the most forward thinking brokers in Lloyds of London
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BinderX Features
Instant messaging
Live notifications
In-depth reporting
Workflow management
Binding authority overview
Client documentation management
Cloud-based remote working
Completely paperless
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Greater insights, better decisions, fewer mistakes.
A truly innovative approach to broking platform.
Whether it is on a prior-submit basis or not, working with binding authorities is time consuming as there are so many different files involved.

We built BinderX to make coverholders, brokers and underwriters more efficient by bringing them together on one platform. Their data will be more accurate and they can work wherever they are. They can therefore concentrate on what really matters to them.
Max Odlum
Artificial Labs
Product Manager
Brokers and underwriters thrive on accuracy and efficiency. They rely on high quality data and in-depth reporting. BinderX is a game-changing new tool that delivers the full package; enabling coverholders, brokers and underwriters to operate together within one powerful platform, it makes accuracy and efficiency easy. This is all delivered securely from the cloud across desktops, tablets and mobiles.
BinderX will guide you through the process of binding new business without paper
Using an intuitive dashboard, BinderX will guide you through the process of binding new business without paper — transforming the way you do business and helping you avoid the pitfalls along the way. Communicate instantly and stay up-to-date on all new risks bound with live notifications. .
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you expensive?
We have a number of pricing structures that we can fit around your requirements. We usually work to a small ongoing fee, rather than front loading costs to the start of a project, to ensure our business obejectives are aligned.
Are you really all based in London?
Yes, around 200m from Lloyds - we believe that being on hand is fundamental to providing the best customer service, and this is where the world class designers and developers want to work.
Will the platforms work on my mobile phone in a coffee house?
If you have a smartphone with internet connection, you will be able to access and interact with your data. We can demonstrate this to you in person.
Can you transfer data from our current system?
We can get the data out and analyse the current proceeses you have in place. This is part of our extensive analysis and set up process.
Do your platforms interact with other systems and websites?
Yes, we have extensive APIs and experiences with integrations in order to keep your data up to date, validated and automatically imported where possible.
Are all of your platforms compliant?
Yes, our regulatory advisors work with Lloyds to ensure all of systems and platforms are compliant with Solvency II - Pillar 3 and the Conduct Minimum Standards.

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