Coverholder benefits

Save You Time
Save You Money
Make You More Efficient
Collect Better Data
Get Your Products To Market Faster
Features we offer
Communicate with your clients and underwriters easily on one platform, no more printing.
Keep up to date with all changes to quotes and policies, so you never miss a thing.
Obtain data quickly and effectively from your clients or sub-brokers.
Specific Product Rate Tables
Your desired rates can be input and easily amended.
Your reporting parameters can be customised and then your data can be accessed instantly.
Oversee performance of your book of business and your best performing clients.
Cloud Based
Access your platform wherever you are.
Multiple User Accounts
All of your team can have access to the platform, as well as your clients and underwriters.
Your security is paramount and we can offer you different options to help you feel at ease.
Data Import & Entry
Data is easy to upload to the system, whether you acquiring from other sources, or entering yourself.
Invoices are managed by all users quickly and efficiently.
You can manage your claims on the same platform as your policies, giving you a complete overiew of performance.
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Are you expensive?
No, we can work on both a modest daily rate or on a fixed price basis with no hidden costs. We have used both approaches to work successfully with agencies, ensuring delivery within specified budgets and time frames.
Are you really all based in London?
Yes, we are all based between Bank and Monument underground stations. We believe that being on hand is fundamental to providing the best customer service, and this is where the world class designers and developers want to work.
Do you make native apps and submit these to the app store?
In short yes. We can develop both native iOS and Android apps and submit these to the relevant app stores. Additionally, where required, we have worked with technologies that allow for more rapid cross platform development.
Do you work with html emails and email marketing technologies?
Yes, we can integrate email marketing services such as Mailchimp, Mandrill, Amazon SES and more. We also design and develop responsive emails where necessary.
Are all your sites responsive?
Where possible, all of our sites are responsive. This is because modern users have a variety of devices and needs that they use on a daily basis. However, we understand that some clients have existing structures in place that require content to be built to given parameters, which we can also accomodate.
What browsers do you support as standard?
We support all modern browsers as standard, and IE10+. We are happy to support IE8+ as we understand this is regularly a requirement, however the extra time taken to develop for unsupported legacy browsers must be taken into account.
Do you provide SEO services?
We will provide you with best practice advice and all of our sites are written in clean, standards compliant code. Our sites play very well with search engines, as all good sites should.