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A seamless customer relationship

Being a broker in 2019 can be a difficult landscape to navigate. Between the manual rekeying of data and inefficient data extraction, it can be hard to provide the best value to the customer.

Let Artificial Build extract information easily, create and negotiate risks and policies and streamline the post-bind policy lifecycle. Use Artificial Price to rate and price your risks more accurately and have Artificial Manage optimise the performance of your entire operation.

How can Artificial help me as a CEO?

Own the customer relationship.

We streamline and integrate the submission process digitally across multiple formats, minimising the need for manual input.

With our suite of applications, it’s never been easier to bring new products to market quickly and efficiently. We help you tailor each product for optimised conversion and retention rates, and we automate standard tasks using the distribution network of your choice so you gain access to new and existing markets.

We can even help you price automatically for delegated business, automate the creation of policy documents and negotiate digitally with underwriters in real time.

How can I benefit?

With increased revenue:

By reducing costs:

  • Automate the policy quote, bind and issuance process with Artificial Build

  • Provide seamless customer engagement and collect data just once with Artificial Distribute

  • Augment customer data and improve accuracy with third-party sources via Artificial Price

  • Only pay for what you need with transactional pricing, no capex and free updates as part of a standard contract

How can Artificial help me as an IT Manager?

Make life easier for you and your team.

The Artificial Suite integrates with existing third party and internally-built applications with API-first technology. We reduce your overheads with fully scalable architecture and modular, configurable software and save you time with hassle-free, instant product deployment.

To top it off, we have a 24/7 helpdesk, uptime SLAs and cloud-hosted support as part of the standard contract, so we can always support you and your team.

How can Artificial help me as an Broker?

Make it easier than ever to provide the right cover.

We simplify the purchasing process so you can provide customers with a frictionless buying experience. Our applications make it easier than ever before to get the right cover with single-point data capture and tailored product offerings.

Using our technology, you can automate existing manual tasks that don’t add value to the broking process and maximise the adoption of new business opportunities using a platform built to scale.

How can I benefit?

With better product offerings:

By maximising value:

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  • “Artificial are a key aspect of our proposition and a great differentiating factor when compared to competition”

    Gonzalo Torres De Arcos

    Global Leader - Telecom Practice, Aon Affinity

  • “Artificial are at the forefront of tech innovation in the insurance market”

    Jonathan Lewis

    CEO, Capita Plc

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