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AI and BE deep dive: Artificial lands in Rome

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Last week our Head of Data Science Alexis Renaudin and Business Development lead Ollie Fox visited Rome for the A.I. and B.E. Deep Dive lab, run by Talanx group and hosted by HDI Italy.

The day was full of interesting presentations and speakers, all providing insight into the world of AI. The pitch by Zelros - a French Insurtech - was particularly insightful, thanks to their in depth understanding of how to harness AI and technology in insurance.

Our own presentation was kicked off with Ollie, who explained who we are and what we’re about, followed by a demonstration by Alexis. The demo was centred around some of our most recent work on data extraction, whereby we take data from unstructured documents (PDFs, Excel spreadsheets etc) and input this into our Machine Learning engines for use later in the insurance value chain.

The Artificial duo then went on to take part in the afternoon’s workshops which involved a discussion on the particular pain points the group had in pricing and sales. Ollie and Alexis shared their expertise on how technology and the Artificial platform can be used to solve these issues.

Overall, the conference was a great chance to catch up with international insurance companies and to speak with other members in the Insurtech landscape.

by Anna Burge

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