Artificial named as founding members of Insurtech UK alliance

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We are proud to announce our founding membership with Insurtech UK, the London-based association aiming to make the UK the ‘leading innovator for insurance in the world’.

With plans to become a trade association this year, the group is an alliance of like-minded members and partners in the UK InsurTech industry who see the full potential of technology to transform the insurance business.

As a founding member, we aim to help progress the group’s pursuits: tackling common problems in the industry, creating the best space possible for InsurTech growth and promoting a more positive image of insurance amongst stakeholders.

In return, Artificial can benefit from Insurtech UK’s regular events and advice, from innovation breakfasts to practical, real-world discussions on the impact of Brexit on our industry.

‘Being a part of such an exciting new alliance is very important to us,’ says Artificial founder and CPO Johnny Bridges. ‘Without groups like these, the InsurTech industry would not be making nearly as much progress as it is, and the partnerships formed from such associations are invaluable to promoting our cause.’

‘At Artificial we believe that technology should be used to make insurance frictionless for everyone, and with the support of other Insurtech UK members we believe we are working closer towards our vision.’

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by Anna Burge