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Our favourite 5 insurance podcasts

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Podcasts are a great way to stay on top of the latest insurance news. They're easy to listen to on your commute, at the gym or while you make dinner, and the best ones offer a plethora of views from all sides of the industry.

There are dozens of podcasts available online today offering advice and expertise for insurance professionals keen to stay ahead.

We’ve compiled a list of our top five favourite insurance podcasts that cover emerging insurance trends with knowledge, humour, and insight.

1. Instech London


Instech London is an organisation dedicated to encouraging collaboration and innovation in the UK insurtech industry. As well as hosting events for insurance and insurtech professionals, Instech London release a new insurtech podcast weekly.

Each podcast features a guest from one corner of the sector, including investors, professional services experts, and rising insurtech trailblazers.

Our very own David King has been featured recently.

'David King: Founder of Artificial Labs: Organising the world's data'


The podcast's focus is on insurtech, and the topics covered can help insurers to gain a better understanding on how advancements in AI, machine learning, and IoT can improve insurance practices and offer a better service for both employee and customer.

The Instech London podcast is a fantastic gateway into London's unique insurtech market and a great jumping off point for those looking to be involved with the City's community of insurance innovators and professionals. Each podcast offers practical, useful advice for professionals working in the insurance industry as well as insider insight into all aspects of the sector.

2. Business of Insurance


The Business of Insurance is a podcast which covers all things insurance, from underwriting and risk assessment to fraud identification and product development. The podcast is hosted by Debbie DeChambeau and features regular interviews with industry professionals; this excellent podcast is all about encouraging insurers to share their struggles as well as their triumphs in order to improve the industry and learn from one another.

Business of Insurance is a top insurance podcast even for those insurers not yet ready to explore the possibilities of insurtech. While insurtech advancements are touched upon, the target of the podcast is very much set on traditional insurance matters with a particular focus on marketing. If your insurance business isn't seeing the sales you want, your first stop should definitely be the Business of Insurance podcast.

3. Insurance Tomorrow


Insurance Tomorrow is an insurance podcast hosted by Nick Hewer, of The Apprentice fame, and developed by Allianz Insurance. Hewer discusses major global business trends with a panel of experts, who examine the impacts and challenges these trends will have for insurers.

Topics covered by Hewer and the panel include sustainability, data science, and blockchain. Insurance Tomorrow is required listening for insurance brokers keen to stay ahead of the curve. The insurance industry is hugely impacted by developing trends in business, and there is nobody better than Nick Hewer to confront these matters head on.

4. The Voice of Insurance


The Voice of Insurance, hosted by New York based professional Mark Geoghegan, guides experienced and new insurance brokers through the complicated world of insurance. The Voice of Insurance will teach you how to improve and streamline your insurance business while simultaneously offering a better product to consumers.

The Voice of Insurance releases a new podcast every week with guest panelists present to discuss the ins and outs of insurance as well as the latest insurance news. The most recent episodes have paid a lot of attention to the effects of Covid-19 on the insurance industry, and this is vital information for brokers hoping to adjust to the post-pandemic world.

by Martin Watts

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